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Independent Merchant Services for New Zealand Businesses

At Polygon Payments, we're on a mission to simplify payments for businesses across New Zealand.

Our independent merchant services are designed to offer competitive rates and personalised solutions without the hassle of dealing with big banks.

See how Polygon Payments stacks up against the big banks

Onboarding Time

Big Banks
5 - 10 Days
3 Days

Setup Fee

Big Banks
$99 - $250

Worldline Fee

Big Banks
$18.90 p/month
$15.00 p/month

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Send us your last three months Merchant Statements and we'll work it out for you. If not; then that's all good and we'll tell you straight up...….but what's the harm in just checking if there's a better deal?

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See how we've reduced fees for these businesses

Sports Club
Big Bank
Polygon Payments
Monthly Saving
$168.86 (6.80%)
Health Centre
Big Bank
Polygon Payments
Monthly Saving
$11.80 (4.76%)
Dental Centre
Big Bank
Polygon Payments
Monthly Saving
$89.30 (4.33%)
Big Bank
Polygon Payments
Monthly Saving
$59.92 (19.34%)
Big Bank
Polygon Payments
Monthly Saving
$34.97 (11.87%)
Big Bank
Polygon Payments
Monthly Saving
$49.35 (8.09%)

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What makes Polygon Payments different from what my bank offers?

Polygon Payments is an independent Merchant Services Provider dedicated solely to payment processing. While we utilise the same secure systems as banks, our focus is solely on providing excellent payment solutions. Unlike banks, we don't have large offices or multiple divisions like mortgages. Our singular focus on payments allows us to tailor our services specifically to your needs, providing efficient and effective solutions.

How long has Polygon Payments been operating?

Polygon Payments started some 6 years ago. We have been slowly building our base of Merchants through referrals and by negotiating the best possible rates. While Merchant Services hasn't traditionally been considered a front of mind kind of business; the current environment of rising costs has highlighted the need for real alternatives to banks. We believe the time is now to provide tangible differences and alternatives to meet the evolving needs of merchants.

Why am I asked to provide 3 months Merchant Service Fee Statements?

We request 3 months of Merchant Service Fee Statements to better understand your business's transaction patterns. By analysing your card mix, average transaction size, and total card revenue, we can customise our pricing to offer you the most competitive rates. Unlike standard carded rates used by banks, we take the time to assess your unique requirements, ensuring you receive the best possible pricing for your business.

What if I am a new Merchant?

As a new merchant, we understand that you may not have historical transaction data. That's why we take the time to understand your business model, projected card mix, and transaction volumes. Once you join Polygon Payments, we actively monitor your account and adjust pricing accordingly to ensure cost savings whenever possible. Unlike banks, who often place new merchants on standard carded rates without ongoing review, we strive to provide personalised and optimised solutions for your evolving business needs.

Why do I need to provide "AML Paperwork"?

Polygon Payments operates within the regulated space of the financial system, which necessitates compliance with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) laws. These regulations are in place to safeguard the financial system, as well as protect our merchants and customers from potential illicit activities. Similar to other regulated industries such as lending, accounting, legal services, real estate, and banking, AML requirements are a standard procedure. We strive to simplify the process as much as possible while ensuring compliance with regulatory standards for the benefit of all parties involved.

What happens once I sign up with Polygon Payments?

Once you are onboarded with us, a whole new Worldline Merchant Number is issued to you. Your EFTPOS Terminal provider simply updates your terminal, and you'll be transacting on your new lower-fee solution. Your old Bank Facility just needs to be cancelled, and that's about it. If you need any new features enabled, if you need to change Bank Accounts, if you need to get extra Terminal IDs, just use our helpful online form, and we can have those actioned for you. No more waiting days and days for the Bank to get to your urgent requests.

How is the Merchant Service Fee Calculated?

Merchant service fees (MSF) are levied to cover the expenses incurred in processing contactless and credit card transactions through your merchant facility. No MSF charges apply to EFTPOS transactions where customers insert or swipe their NZ card and choose CHQ or SAV.

These fees are calculated monthly, dependent on your pricing plan, MSF rate, and the nature and value of transactions processed within that period. They are billed as a single charge for each merchant facility and debited from your designated account on the 15th of the subsequent month. In case the 15th falls on a weekend or public holiday, the charge will occur on the next business day.

Merchant service fee calculation

Interchange Fee: An interchange fee is remitted by the acquiring bank to the customer's card provider, varying according to the card type and payment method, whether online or in-store. Higher interchange fees are applicable to international and online card transactions.

Scheme Fee: A scheme fee is disbursed to the card scheme facilitating the global payment network. These fees fluctuate based on the card scheme, card type, issuing country, and transaction value

Switch Fee: A transaction fee constitutes a third-party charge, paid by the acquiring bank to network providers and ecommerce gateways for transaction processing.

Acquirer Fee: The acquirer margin encompasses various aspects such as customer support, managing disputed transactions, fraud prevention, and facilitation fees.

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