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Welcome to Tap 2 Donate, the innovative solution designed to revolutionize your fundraising efforts. At Polygon Payments, we understand the challenges faced by charities and fundraising organizations in today's cashless society. That's why we've developed Tap 2 Donate – a seamless way to accept donations that's easy, convenient, and effective.

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Tap 2 Donate Standalone Terminal

Experience the simplicity of Tap 2 Donate with our standalone terminal. Perfect for reception counters, information desks, or collection points, this terminal requires only power and offers customizable donation amounts. With payWave functionality and easy setup, it's the ideal solution for frictionless donations.

Fixed Tap 2 Donate terminal
Mobile Tap 2 Donate terminal

Mobile/Portable Solution

Take Tap 2 Donate anywhere with our mobile/portable solution. Book in advance and dispatch nationwide for street appeals or fundraising events. Accept Chip and Swipe transactions in addition to payWave, extending your reach and fundraising capabilities.

Easy Setup

Get started quickly with plug-and-play functionality.

Customizable Donation Amounts

Set predefined amounts or offer users a choice.


Accept payWave, Chip, and Swipe transactions for maximum convenience.

Nationwide Accessibility

Dispatch mobile terminals anywhere in the country for fundraising events.

What are the benefits?

Frictionless Donation Experience

Streamline the donation process and maximize fundraising potential.

Ease of Use

Requires minimal training, making it accessible to all staff and volunteers.

Increased Reach

Extend your reach with mobile terminals for street appeals and events.


Donors can give easily with tap-and-go payWave functionality.

Start accepting donations with Tap 2 Donate for as low as $35.00 per month* when combined with our Charity Merchant Services package.

Enjoy competitive pricing and low cost of acceptance, even if you're not a Registered Charity with the Charities Commission.

*Excludes Network Fees & SIM card

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Our Chapter raises funds for the Arohanui Hospice at every weekly meeting. Having a Tap2Donate terminal means we can easily collect donations.

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